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    2015 Golden Globes: Possible monologue targets for Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

    I could go status quo and predict who I think will win or who will have tongues wagging on the red carpet, but I’d rather focus on everyone’s favorite part of the show -- the…

  • disco-balls

    Twenty Fourteen

    It’s been a wild year, folks. I can’t say I’ve ever worked harder than I did in 2014. But it’s been a ball with only mild sleep depravation and co-dependent booze…

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    Songs for New Years Eve

    It’s the eve of New Years Eve and for the first time in years I’m not quite sure where I’ll be at midnight. One thing I know for sure, thought, is there will be champers and…


    Christmas Cocktail Hack

    With three days left until Christmas Eve, you’ve probably consumed more alcohol and refined sugar to fuel your party engine well into 2015. And that’s okay because tis the season, and you’ve worked hard this year, and no one likes a party pooper…


    Robin Two Times

    I loved Robin Williams. Me and several million others. When I was little, I remember owning a pair of rainbow suspenders that matched the ones he wore in Mork & Mindy. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen Good Morning Vietnam…


    In 2014, why do we still censor nipples?

    Recently, while clicking onto my Instagram app, I was met with a stern “warning” for posting inappropriate content. Confused, I quickly scanned my feed — a mix of Vancouver sunsets, Christmas cookies I had baked, and cocktails I had consumed…the usual — but I did notice one image was missing.


    Songs for Your Weekend

    The temps are dropping, the beach tunes have faded and there isn’t a single festival on the books. But the holiday season is creeping closer and which means one thing – parties.


    40 Stamps

    Sometime early in my 20s while I was in the throngs of goal-setting and trying to pave the way for what I wanted my life to look like, I set three milestones. Career and relationships aside, these dates pertained to travel…



    Landing on the latter side of your 30s is a funny thing. Four years from 40? REALLY? On one hand it feels like a big number as there are some things I simply cannot do anymore…


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