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  • mother-baby

    Should Couples Be Allowed to Crowdfund Their Adoption?

    While these sites were created to foster free enterprise, where start-ups are concerned, it never occurred to me to use these platforms as an opportunity to raise funds for…

  • wanderlust

    40 Stamps

    Sometime early in my 20s while I was in the throngs of goal-setting and trying to pave the way for what I wanted my life to look like, I set three milestones. Career and…

  • heart-steamy-window

    Tinder: When to Swipe for Mr. Right

    All my single friends are on Tinder. They complain about it and make fun of it, yet they can’t resist clicking onto the app and getting their swipe on. It’s like catnip for…


    Songs for Your Weekend

    The temps are dropping, the beach tunes have faded and there isn’t a single festival on the books. But the holiday season is creeping closer and which means one thing – parties.



    Landing on the latter side of your 30s is a funny thing. Four years from 40? REALLY? On one hand it feels like a big number as there are some things I simply cannot do anymore…

    photo: viff.org

    VIFF 2014: Noble

    Dubliner Christina Noble (Deirdre O’Kane) narrowly escapes poverty after surviving a tumultuous childhood. As a girl, she would busk in bars to help care for her mother and siblings…

    photo: viff.org

    VIFF 2014: October Gale

    Toronto-based doctor Helen Matthews (Patricia Clarkson) is mourning the loss of her husband (Callum Keith Rennie) and retreats to their family cottage in Georgian Bay, Ontario to process what has happened. Having never ventured to the remote island alone…

    photo: viff.org

    VIFF 2014: Two Days, One Night

    A working class mother is returning to work at a small factory following a mental health leave, only to discover she’s about to be ousted by her own colleagues. In “Two Days, One Night”, renowned Belgian filmmakers Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne…

    photo: viff.org

    VIFF 2014: 5 Must-See Films

    Hot on the heels of an exciting run of films, festivities, and red carpet encounters at TIFF, it’s time to set my sights on the west. The Vancouver International Film Festival kicks off on Thursday…


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