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  • los-angeles-sunset-night

    Songs for Your Weekend

    It's been a long while since I posted a playlist, and it's been a long week so some new tunes are in order. We're hanging out in Los Angeles at the moment...

  • rose-ave-grafitti

    The LA Sessions: Keep Venice Weird

    For decades, Venice has been known as a place where the wonderfully weird and way-out converge. A community of nonconformists trying to preserve a piece of Los Angeles that’s…

  • stone-temple-pilots-2015

    STP Reignites Fans at the House of Blues Sunset Strip

    This is not a love story. Well, kind of. It’s always a struggle for me to write about Stone Temple Pilots objectively, given my pure and unwavering love for the band. But after…


    The LA Sessions: Viva Venice

    Three years ago, I was in San Diego on business and decided to extend my stay in SoCal to meet my husband for the weekend in Los Angeles. We settled on Venice, having never spent much time there before…


    Castaway on Nicaragua’s Corn Islands

    Tentatively typing, skin still bronzed with remnants of sand in my shoes, these not-so-secret islands are on the verge. At the tipping point of proper tourism, but still so untouched and pristine that only seasoned travelers will seek them out…for now.


    Twenty Fourteen

    It’s been a wild year, folks. I can’t say I’ve ever worked harder than I did in 2014. But it’s been a ball with only mild sleep depravation and co-dependent booze consumption.


    Songs for New Years Eve

    It’s the eve of New Years Eve and for the first time in years I’m not quite sure where I’ll be at midnight. One thing I know for sure, thought, is there will be champers and there will be music.


    Christmas Cocktail Hack

    With three days left until Christmas Eve, you’ve probably consumed more alcohol and refined sugar to fuel your party engine well into 2015. And that’s okay because tis the season, and you’ve worked hard this year, and no one likes a party pooper…


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