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Spring Shopping: Moorea Seal

Like many women nowadays, I often look to Pinterest for digital inspiration. My boards are adorned with people and places and cool content I love. And like most girls, I have a board dedicated to fashion, which is how I first discovered Moorea Seal.


Two Spring Trends to Try

Summer is finally beginning to feel like a reality, thank god. We have it pretty easy on the west coast, but I’m ready to say tah tah to the rain. I’m also ready to bid a fond farewell to my winter wardrobe.


Guilt-Free Avocado Alfredo

My husband and I have a pretty healthy rotation of meals in our dinner repertoire, so I’m always looking for ways to transform something healthy into something sinful. I originally stumbled across the idea for avocado alfredo…


How to Recover from Whiskey Dick

Very few things in life are as mortifying and soul-crushing as having an episode of whiskey dick. You meet a girl, she takes you home, and it’s on until … whoops! Your willy slinks back into its pre-bone state and you roll over in defeat, leaving your lady amped up and unsatisfied…


Raised on music

I’m grateful to my parents for a lot of things. Supporting me, encouraging me, and at times tolerating me. Teaching me that it’s possible to pursue anything I want in life. But I’d say I’m equally grateful to my mom and dad for raising my brother and I in a musical household.


Songs for Your Weekend

It’s been a while since I published a playlist, but it’s the mother effin’ weekend and I’ve discovered so much new — and not so new — music lately I could burst. Here’s what I’m having a boogie to this week.


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