Tales from an eternal gypsy who believes anything can happen

  • glastonbury

    Sincere Fan or Just Another Starf*cker

    I began flipping through the #PembyFest hashtag on Instagram and started thinking about the neon-clad, headband-wearing kids en masse and wondered how many of them are there for…

  • Beatty Street mural, Vancouver, BC

    Vancouver’s Jimi Hendrix Shrine

    Having lived in Vancouver for 12 years, I feel like I’ve enjoyed most of the sights and spoils the city has to offer. But when you live somewhere, there’s always those places…

  • girlrunning

    Advice I Would Give My 22 Year Old Self

    Do you remember where you were right before you turned 22? That is, if you’ve already surpassed that wonderful and curious coming-of-age era in your life. Thirteen years later,…


    Film Review: Tracks

    Years ago, I read a book by Marlo Morgan called Mutant Messages Down Under. It’s a fictional story of a woman who embarks on a “walkabout” through the Australian outback and documents…


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