Tales from an eternal gypsy who believes anything can happen

  • openrelationship

    The Art of an Open Relationship

    You’ve probably heard of the term ‘open relationship’ or ‘open marriage’. A mutual agreement between partners that enables each party to pursue sexual encounters outside…

  • kids-playing

    When All Your Friends Have Kids

    Without sounding like your granny who relentlessly reminds you just how quickly time ticks on, I’m starting to see it for myself. It’s as though I woke up one day and most of…

  • glastonbury

    Sincere Fan or Just Another Starf*cker

    I began flipping through the #PembyFest hashtag on Instagram and started thinking about the neon-clad, headband-wearing kids en masse and wondered how many of them are there for…


    Advice I Would Give My 22 Year Old Self

    Do you remember where you were right before you turned 22? That is, if you’ve already surpassed that wonderful and curious coming-of-age era in your life. Thirteen years later, I remember the moments leading up to my 22nd birthday so clearly.


    Film Review: Tracks

    Years ago, I read a book by Marlo Morgan called Mutant Messages Down Under. It’s a fictional story of a woman who embarks on a “walkabout” through the Australian outback and documents…


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