Tales from an eternal gypsy who believes anything can happen

  • griffith-observatory-sunset

    The LA Sessions: Restless in WeHo

    Palm trees, paparazzi and celebrity sightings aside, Los Angeles has many layers beyond the tourist trail and well-beaten path. It’s hard to visit this town without viewing it...

  • kurt-cobain-montage-of-heck-2

    Review | Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck

    If reincarnation is real, if spirits exist or the afterlife is a place in which we linger long after our physical self has faded, Kurt Cobain has probably unsubscribed...

  • wisdom-tree-los-angeles

    The LA Sessions: Wisdom Tree

    The first thing I wanted to do once we made our way back to West Hollywood was to seek out the Wisdom Tree. It sounds like something you’d be more likely to stumble upon in San…


    The LA Sessions: Viva Venice

    Three years ago, I was in San Diego on business and decided to extend my stay in SoCal to meet my husband for the weekend in Los Angeles. We settled on Venice, having never spent much time there before…


    Castaway on Nicaragua’s Corn Islands

    Tentatively typing, skin still bronzed with remnants of sand in my shoes, these not-so-secret islands are on the verge. At the tipping point of proper tourism, but still so untouched and pristine that only seasoned travelers will seek them out…for now.


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