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  • woman-typing

    Why We Should Sympathize With the Exposed Ashley Madison Users

    As the news cycle continues to churn out a lively discussion among people infuriated by the millions targeted in the Ashley Madison privacy breach, many commenters seem to call…

  • amy-schumer

    This Is Why Everyone Loves Amy Schumer

    Amy Schumer. Comedy Central darling, subject of dozens of viral videos and the star of this summer's box office hit Trainwreck seems to be everyone's favourite funny girl. But why…

  • woman-american-flag

    Sex in America

    When my husband and I recently decided to live in Los Angeles for a while, I was prepared for a few cultural and social discrepancies compared to Canada. However, having landed in…


    Vancouver to Venice

    At what point does home not really feel like home anymore? I remember when home was a place I longed for during extended trips abroad or something I marvelled at when I returned, a little more worldly…


    How not to write a wedding speech

    No doubt there are dozens of you sad sacks out there, trying your best to pen a best man speech or a toast to the bride. Trying desperately to draft something that will conjure up warm and fuzzies with the right balance of laughs and tears.


    No More Labels

    I remember one time referring to my now husband as my partner during a job interview, when asked if I was married. I’m a professional and felt the term “boyfriend” was a bit too juvenile…


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