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Can’t resist the Coug

cocktail_cougarCougar a is term we’ve all used at some point to describe older gals who get glammed up to troll for younger men. This is hardly news for us Canucks, as it’s been a staple term in Canadian vocabulary for years. Dare I say we coined the phrase? As of late, I’ve noticed our friends south of the border are using this term more frequently. As if to say this is a new way to describe these leopard-clad ladies. Wakey wakey America, Cougars have been cruising our landscape for years.

My personal definition of a Coug? Simple. A foxy, successful, usually middle-aged woman, in pursuit of younger men in an endeavor to acquire a boy toy. Often these cunning young cubs (men) are hot on the trail of some Cougar tail in return as these gals are no slack in the sack. But before a coug pounces on her prey, there are certain techniques she adopts before hitting the town:

Revealing outfit that is not quite age appropriatehomepagepic4 Spanks, push up bra and other anti-aging devices
Sky high heels to accentuate the gams
Red lipstick and a ‘come hither’ look in her eye
Animal prints aren’t uncommon

Just the other day I was listening to Ryan Seacrest interview Madonna where he playfully referred to her as a Cougar (and he would be right). She responded with laughter asking “where did this phrase come from, I’ve heard it alot lately?” It was us Madge, your friends in Canadialand.


Courtney Cox has also added to the Cougar allure with her new hit show Cougar Town. If you haven’t seen this show, you must! Cox is funny and quirky and hotter than ever, the cast is hilarious and the writing is brilliant. Love. It.

So for all the young lads reading this post, here’s a list of famous Vancouver Cougar haunts if you fancy and older woman who knows what she wants:

Cardero’s Restaurant – they linger in the lounge
Morton’s Steakhouse – hot mamas with money
Opus Bar – they usually arrive with a few gay BFFs in tow
Sandbar – cougar bar, more like

And the number one cougar haunt in Vancouver is….drum roll please…

The Roxy.

Note: no Cougars were harmed in the making of this video.

4 Responses to “Can’t resist the Coug”

  1. Misty Mays

    A ll cougars should be proud young guys across the world finally have a respect for us that has never been there before. I am proud of my cougar status.

    • cougarilla

      @mitch : lol

      My other suggestions regarding the cougar lexical :

      I like to consider myself as a young cougar, a little cougarillla :)

      And I use the word cougarillo when I talk about the young cougar men ^^

  2. Mitch

    Ah Cougars. Here’s my take on the evolution of the Cougar:

    25-30 – Pumas
    30-40 – Cougars in training
    40-50 – Cougars
    Alleycats (no age group)
    Cheetahs – Age Spots.


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