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Table for one

With the holiday season in full swing, most of us are running rampant between work and parties and other holiday events. I don’t know about you, but I’ve certainly consumed my share of champs and vino thus far. Being the life of the party is such a rough role to play, possums. What might be even tougher, though, is being single over the holidays.

There’s something about Christmas that brings about a bit of romance. I hold films like Serendipity, The Holiday and Love Actually 100% accountable for this. Although the holidays are very much a time to manifest peace and practice goodwill, it’s also a fantastic time to hook up for a little Christmas canoodle. So don’t sit at home because you don’t have a date to your office do. Don’t forgo a single invite if you can help it. Put on the foxiest party frock you can find and circulate. This goes for the fellas as well, minus the frock.

I’ve often traveled the globe on my own, and as much as I’ve enjoyed my adventures with friends and loved ones, there’s something incredibly empowering about walking into a bar or restaurant and requesting a table for one. I’ve suggested this to my single gal pals on a few occasions, usually to a little criticism, but I encourage you to consider it.

When you hit the town with a harem of girls, which most of us do, you tend to focus all your energy on each other. It’s one thing to have a girl’s night out – I’m all about being a willful wing woman – but there’s something to be said for situating oneself and really soaking in the scenery. We stand to miss so much by not venturing out solo once in a while, so why not give it a go?

Belly up to the bar somewhere fabulous, order a few drinks and scope out the scene. Worst case scenario, you’ll have enjoyed a few cocktails and laughed off a few one-liners care of your bartender. Best case, you could be approached by an interesting suitor.

This time of year can be absolutely draining, I know, but get out there and spread a little sparkle and cheer. You never know who you’re going to meet.

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