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Madonna replied to my tweet

Well possums, I can now die happy. To celebrate promote the release of her new album MDNA, Madonna’s camp created the Twitter account @MadonnaMDNADay and announced that Madonna would be replying to fan tweets beginning at 7pm PST today. Naturally, I started shooting her a series of questions, i.e. What’s your favorite track from the new album? Mick Jagger or Robert Plant? If you could relive one moment, what would it be?

Finally, I decided to keep it simple, and sent the following:

To which she replied:

@urbancowgirl !!!

oh my fucking god. i may have peed a little.

Simply put, Madonna replied to my tweet. MADONNA REPLIED TO MY TWEET. Like, pointy-bra-wearing-icon Madonna. Like, the-biggest-star-of-all-time Madonna. I feel like shouting it from my 23rd floor balcony, but instead I decided to take to the UC blog to share it with my faithful readers first hand. Ok, I may have called my mom first. Oh, and a plethora of ‘dudes’ starting sending her scantily clad photos of themselves, including me in every single tweet. WINNING.

MDNA is available today on iTunes. Here’s my fave track so far…

Damn girl, lookin’ good. As are your backup dancers. Meow.

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3 Responses to “Madonna replied to my tweet”

  1. Mere McDonald

    I love her cause you love her!!!! And I gotta say you are hooked up if Madonna tweets you.!!!!! Go get your GROUPIE on!!!!!

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