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One of the Guys

just giverrrrrrr

just giverrrrrrr

I’ve always got on better with men. Since early on in high school, it occurred to me I simply had more in common with the boys. Not literal likes and dislikes, per se, I just appreciated their approach and their attitude a lot more than the girls. I was never a tom boy, quite the opposite actually, yet I never felt particularly girlie either. I find women can make things a bit complicated and high stress compared to men. Sometimes this is exactly what infuriates us gals about men – lack of interest or initiative. However, my male relationships have definitely caused much less drama compared to my female ones. Romantic, or otherwise.

This has translated into my adult life as well. Every new job I start, every social setting I find myself to be in, it’s always the same story. First come the guys, then come the gays and finally come the girls. I’m not sure why this is, as I’m a very female-friendly kinda gal! I do, however, have a strong personality (if you haven’t noticed) and some views on life that could be considered male-centric. If I had a dime for every guy that’s said to me you’re such a dude or you sound like a guy when you say that I’d be able to retire a little earlier.

I couldn’t have survived my 20s without my girlfriends, and now into my 30s they represent a very important piece to my sanity. They’re my soul sistas! Which is why I always find it funny when women respond to me negatively. They do warm up eventually, once they realize I don’t bite and I’m pretty fun to party with. But there’s always a trial period. Order your 30-day free trial of the Urban Cowgirl.  

Any other ladies picking up what I’m putting down? Do you find you unintentionally intimidate people, particularly the girls? Post a comment and let me know!

4 Responses to “One of the Guys”

  1. Chelsey

    I’ve had the same “problem” – which it is and it isn’t one. After my girlfriends dropped my ass I swayed towards the opposite gender and now prefer it. The difference is women judge right off the bat and -the big one- think too much into everything. Women need to learn from men and not give a sh–. On the other hand – when the wine gets flowing I enjoy a little girl talk.
    Great post gurrl!

  2. JoJo (@mizzjblog)

    Ugh I totally get this post. I feel the same way. Girls are such drama sometimes and being around them makes me more of a girl too getting all caught up in it haha


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