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Vancouver Pride Parade Survival List

As we wind up for BC Day long weekend – the most cherished long weekend of the year – I felt it only charitable to share a helpful list of tips for those of you planning to attend Vancouver’s Pride Parade on Sunday. Not going? Such a shame, as you’re missing one of the best parties of the summer. Not to mention the only day of the year where it’s completely acceptable to strut about bare ass naked down a city street. God bless the gays.

I go with a team of parade revellers each year, all clad in a matching theme of some sort. Last year we were sailors; this year we’re paying homage to the fabulous Dame Edna Everage, the very diva who inspired the endearing term I use to reference all you people. So possums, without further ado I give you:

The Diva Survival List

Get there early – Not crazy early, as you’ll no doubt be nursing a hangover and dusting off the glitter from a fabulous party the night before. But I’d suggest being situated by 11am. The parade begins at 12pm sharp and drag queens despise tardiness.

Snag a spot close to the start – Many people prefer to line Denman for their glimpse of the parade, but I’m telling you it’s better to position your posse close to the starting point. By the time the parade hits Beach Ave, the Queens have all but melted and spectators have started to join in for the final stretch to Sunset Beach.

Wear sunscreen – I’m the biggest tanorexic on the block, but it never rains for Pride. EVER. It’s always stinking hot, this year the weather man is forecasting 30 degrees (feels like 38) so slather on some sun cream and prevent premature aging.

Be fabulous, but be comfy – While I’m all about rocking boas and glitter, there’s a good chance you’re going to get wet. And with our steaming hot forecast, you’re going to welcome it. I’ll be rocking my South Beach booty shorts and a bikini top…and not much else.

Bring a collapsible camping chair – Sounds cumbersome, but you’ll thank me later. The parade is at least 3 hours long plus lead up, so you’ll want something to rest your tushy on during dance breaks.

Go to the after party – Post parade, head down to Sunset Beach for live music, food and tons of funky vendors schlepping everything from latex and lube to chained collars and assless chaps.

Lastly, I’d like to publically predict that the song of the parade this year is going to be Let’s Have a Kiki by the Scissor Sisters. Coincidently, this is also the Urban Cowgirl’s summer jam. I will eat my stiletto shoe if I am incorrect.

See you at the parade possums – happy Pride Vancouver!

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