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Don’t drain the dating pond


I’m told time and time again how tricky the Vancouver dating scene can be and how the unmarried demographic is shrinking. While I don’t exactly subscribe to this defeatist way of thinking, many of my gal pals will argue that Vancouver has simply been over fished. That the pond of potential suitors is drying up. I know there’s a bachelor or two out there reading this thinking I’m here! I’m right over here ladies! However there may be other factors impeding a single girl’s ability to find a viable mate in this town.

Just the other day my friend and I were talking about how many tall guys we know or have observed over the years who wind up with teeny, tiny short girls. I’m not talking about a matter of a few inches either, in some cases these couples are separated by an entire foot in height. What is it about a 5-foot-nothing girl that tall guys find irresistible? Do they want to scoop them up and carry them in their pocket? Do they have a giant complex? Either way, as my friend put it, they’re fishing in her pond. And she has a point.

Ladies – think of all the lovely, short guys you’ve met over the years that have everything in the world going for them. They’re smart, attractive, funny…the whole package, except one thing. They’re short. Wouldn’t it make sense that the short girls would naturally be drawn to these guys? At least they can have a proper snog without the use of a step ladder. But no, it seems many mini girls go for the big boys, leaving all us average 5-foot-7-inchers to forgo our heels for the affection of a short man. Thus, these girls are fishing in my friend’s pond. A pond that has seemingly been sucked dry. I’m grateful to have snagged a man that’s 5 inches taller than me, I couldn’t imagine a life in ballet flats and kitten heels. Oh, the humanity!

Let’s hear from the guys on this one – are short girls more attractive? Is this part of the male hero complex where you feel the need to protect these precious little creatures? Or are you man enough to date someone who can look you in the eye? Discuss in the comments below or tweet me @urbancowgirl

This post goes out to all my tall, leggy and single friends. Work it, you fierce glamazons. Work. It.

4 Responses to “Don’t drain the dating pond”

  1. ebunzzle

    I prefer shorter guys, so there! Still can’t find one for keeps, though. hmpf. Apparently heights not a factor.

  2. Urban Cowgirl

    I hear that! My fiance is the tallest guy I’ve ever been in a relationship with. I’ve always gravitated towards stocky guys about 5’10. The super tall boys don’t do it for me either;)

  3. slichtenstein

    No hero complex, I just like hot girls in stilettos. I’m 6’1, so 5 or 6 inches of heel means I go for 5’5 or so.


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