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Hail Caesar! Vancouver’s Best


bottoms up

You’re hung over at brunch, so you order one. You don’t want to get too tipsy over liquid lunch on a work day, so you order one.  You have a hankering for Canada’s most treasured clammy concoction, so you order one. Fuckin’ eh. The libation I speak of is, of course, the Caesar.

To my Americano friends reading this post, a Caesar is our take on a Bloody Mary, except most places have taken the cocktail to a whole other level adding over-the-top garnishes and secret ingredients. It’s very frustrating for Canadians traveling in the states to not have the luxury of ordering a Caesar – unless the bartender is highly evolved – but we’ll call it even for how you get pissy when you can’t withdraw American money from our ATMs. Oh you.

The HTB and I have spent much of this summer patio hopping and getting trashed keeping score of the best places to pound a few of these savoury sippers. Here’s our well-researched list of the best places in Vancouver to order a Caesar:

The Mill – I’ve blogged of my love of their patio and locale before, but their Caesars are worth some serious props. With 6 variations to choose from, each with 2 ounces of vodka, you never have to ask for a double again! The HTB is a big fan of the Julius Caesar, complete with balsamic vinegar and a bocconcini, basil and tomato skewer. I prefer the Danger Bay with fresh dill, Dijon and smoked BC salmon.

Rodney’s Oyster House – I love Rodney’s and would dine there a lot more if the biatches working the door weren’t so smug and sorry-you’ll-have-to-wait-two-hours-for-a-table, but I digress. The hot boys behind the bar add fresh clam juice from the critters they’ve just shucked and fresh horse radish, which they grade right into your drink…whilst you salivate over their biceps. Shuck me.

Revel Room – This is one of my fave watering holes already, but the work these bartenders put into their pseudo Caesar – or Caligula as they call it – is truly amazing.  Hand muddled (hand muddled!) cherry tomatoes, jalapeno, cucumber, black pepper, olive brine and Clamato juice…with an ounce of vodka, of course. It’s a spicy one folks!

Monk's Caesar

Monk’s Caesar

Local Public Eatery – They describe their El Caesar cocktail as the Wild West in a glass, and I would concur. With a dash of Mexican hot sauce, a stick of pepperoni, served up in a boot, you can’t go wrong.

Monk McQueen’s – The venue of our upcoming nuptials and the best view in Vancity, Monk’s puts a pickled bean and some poached prawns in their Caesar. Enough. Said.

Did we miss any? Find another spot schlepping Caesars that rivals the above? Post a comment and let us know!

5 Responses to “Hail Caesar! Vancouver’s Best”

  1. sweetaddict

    oh how this makes me want to hop in the car and drive over the border to Vancouver, and sample the Caesars. I love that city!

    • Urban Cowgirl

      The main difference is that in Caesars, you use Clamato juice (tomato juice with clam juice – hard to find in the states). With a Bloody Mary you use regular tomato juice. Subtle but makes a huge difference!

      • bloodybest

        Ahhh gotcha! My stepmom uses Clamato in her bloody mary mix, so I’ve actually had a Caesar and didn’t know it. It is really good!

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