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Stripping Down to My Inner Goddess

Noun: Canadian term for a party given to a woman who’s about to get married.
a. another name for bachelorette party
b. similar to the British hen night
c. the act of getting shit faced and behaving badly

I have the most foxy, talented, inspiring, hard-partying friends on the planet. This much I know. What I didn’t know, however, was that I was surrounded by such goddesses! Women who would unabashedly bear their skivvies on top of their work-out gear whilst sculling champers. Women who would put their inhibitions aside to gear down, shake their ta-ta’s and bounce their booties. Women who would indulge my fantasy of taking a burlesque class.

To kick off my stagette celebrations, my girls and I gathered at the Vancouver Burlesque Centre to get our shimmy on and learn how to successfully execute a strip tease. Luckily we were under the instruction of the incomparable Lola Frost, one of Vancouver’s well-known burlesque darlings and badass tassel twirlers.

I’ve performed my fair share of pseudo strip teases – who hasn’t? As I’ve written about before, it doesn’t take a lot to command a guy’s attention when you’re simply dropping trou. But there is so much more you could do to really blow away your audience of one (or many?). Here are a few tips I picked up during our class:

Make eye contact. Don’t focus too much on what you’re doing, technically speaking. In other words, don’t fret if you don’t perform the perfect bend-and-snap. I was so memorised by focused on Lola, I nearly bailed a few times. Focus on your subject and taunt them with your devilish grin.

Wear heels. This may not always apply, but where possible rock some of your sexiest heels. Everything gets a bit of a lift and your legs will look fab.

Lola Frost

Lola Frost

Men are visual beings (we already know this!) so using hand gestures to demonstrate what you’re uncovering guides their eyes to all the right places. Removing a pair of long satin gloves? Deliciously run your fingertips back up your bare arm. About to remove your bra? Cup your breasts with your hands and give them a little shake before you bare all. This offers a bit of build-up.

Toss your gear off with fearless abandon.  As each article of clothing peels away, dramatically toss it aside, behind you or right in your lovers face. As you tauntingly peel each article of clothing away, it adds an element of drama. Try to do this in time with the music.

Stretch. Not only because you just should, but because it’ll make the slow slide down your leg to remove your panties much more attainable.

Posture. Don’t be afraid to stick out your tits. You’ll also appear much more confident.

Have fun. Don’t take yourself too seriously like yours truly once did while testing out her first pair of pasties. Strip tease is meant to be enjoyable for both parties.

If you’re planning a stagette, birthday or just dying for a great night out with the girls, hit up the ladies at the Vancouver Burlesque Centre.  You can catch Lola Frost and the girls of Sweet Soul Burlesque tantalizing the crowd every Thursday night at the Keefer.

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