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Mom jeans might be the answer


It’s Friday night and you’re getting dolled up for drinks with your girls. You’re thinking of rocking your new peplum top, skinny jeans and pumps. Pulling your jeans out of the dryer, a feeling of dread pours over you. You know you’re going to have to fight to get yourself into those jeans. Thank god peplum is so forgiving.

You make your way to the bar, strutting down your street with the prowess of a jungle cat. You’re feeling pretty good. Finally, you find your friends bellied up to the bar. But before you can assume the perch-on-stool position, you must first yoink up your jeans to ensure a) your buttocks is not exposed and b) that you avoid a muffin top wardrobe malfunction.

I know I’m not alone, ladies. The other night I was dining with some friends and we all agreed that most designers make jeans too low in the rise. So here’s my proposal to all you denim designers out there. We may have stumbled upon something huge…

Why not design a mom jean/skinny jean hybrid? High in the waist – like, above the belly button – with the same sexy silhouette of a skinny jean. You could go one step further by giving the waistband a bit of give, to accommodate those extra pounds we might gain during the holidays or while on vacay. It’s not like we 30-somethings are rocking half tops anymore (and if you are, you should reconsider). So who cares what your jeans look like under your top! Think of them as undercover mom jeans, similar to when girls wear Spanks. No one has to know.

I’m telling you, ladies of all sizes and body types would line up in droves to pick up a pair of skinny-moms…or whatever clever name you decide to dub them.

Do you work in fashion and think denim like this would fly? Or do you think I’m completely out of my mind? Shoot me a tweet @urbancowgirl or post a comment and let me know your thoughts!

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