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When do you decide to leave your day job?


Many people have asked me if UrbanCowgirlVancouver.com is my full time job. While I’m flattered there are people out there who think the content on my blog is worthy of ad placement and sponsored links lucrative enough to pay my mortgage, the answer is a resounding…I wish. While I have managed to generate a modest amount of revenue from this blog, I don’t ever want to sell out and publish inauthentic content or ugly ads, so the honest answer is – no dice.

For almost 13 years, my primary source of income has been corporate PR and communications in the private sector. And I’ve loved it. I’ve been very fortunate to have worked with some exceptional talents and learned from some generous leaders who have propelled me into a fulfilling career over the past decade plus. Mucho gratitude. Concurrently, I’ve managed my own consulting business since 2007 while earning my stripes as a digital tale teller for not only my own blog, but The Province, Huffington Post and a number of other industry pubs. Living the dream, one might say.

4 weeks ago I was laid off, as the company I was working for is seemingly moving operations offshore. I’ve been through lay offs and downsizing before, so it’s not at all a shock or a life altering event. Like anyone who’s spent a majority of their career in the private sector, it’s business as usual. However, I’ve noticed, ever since the sudden departure from my last job, the universe seems to be pushing entrepreneurship down my throat.

I’ve been to several interviews, meetings with recruiters, and jam sessions over coffee with old colleagues. Everything one is supposed to do while on the hunt for new employment. And there are some truly exciting opportunities in my midst! But last night I attended an event that helped me zero in on what’s right. All the things that put a fire in my belly and get me off professionally, so to speak. No more bullshit. My next step needs to resonate – big time.

My sis-in-law and I spent last night listening to the insights and soul strategies of Oprah’s newest Super Soul Sunday spokesperson Gabrielle Bernstein and Vancouver’s own champion of desire Danielle LaPorte. I knew I’d ooze with inspiration having followed these ladies’ work over the past few years, but I had no idea how deeply affected I’d feel after our group meditation session, a flurry of f-bombs and some seriously authentic chatter around channeling our deepest desires.

About a month ago, I sent an email to my sis-in-law encouraging her to check out Gabby’s website and video blogs. Fast forward a few weeks later, and there we were watching her speak live. And although I love her overall mantra and I started reading her New York Times best seller May Cause Miracles as soon as I woke up this morning, Danielle LaPorte’s approach to spiritual enlightenment and being unapologetic about your desires really resonated. As my sis-in-law so eloquently put it, I came for the blond, but I’m staying for the brunette.

She also had the cojones to approach the mic and ask Bernstein and LaPorte what they thought of choosing to live your life by design instead of default, which encouraged a discussion around falling into a career – or relationship – by default. This has given me a lot to think about.

I encourage you to check out Danielle Laporte’s Desire Map and her book the Fire Starter Sessions. Also be sure to pick up Gabby Bernsteins latest book May Cause Miracles. The tools and tactics laid out by these enlightened ladies apply to anyone, no matter what stage of your career or personal life you may be looking to improve, create or abandon.


As Ms Bernstein says, just show up, which I’m adopting as my personal mantra for 2013.

2 Responses to “When do you decide to leave your day job?”

  1. Jennifer Stoddart

    Great post! I had the same reaction to the event the other night. I wasn’t as familiar with Danielle LaPorte’s work going in, but I left having genuinely connected to so much of what she spoke about. I purchased her book online as soon as I got home. What a thought provoking and inspiring evening, it was.


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