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Add Some American Hustle to Your NYE



Have you been invited to what seems like a billion Great Gatsby themed parties this year? Tired of pin curls and flapper frocks? While I love and appreciate the glamour of the roaring twenties, let’s step into a slightly more exuberant era.

While flipping through the December issue of Flare magazine, I came across a feature on looks for NYE inspired by the flashy costumes worn by Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence in American Hustle. Having just watched David O. Russell’s latest masterpiece, set in New York and New Jersey in 1978, I can’t help but envy a time where sequin stilettos and full-length fur coats were acceptable daytime attire. Fashion seemed much more fun and playful then, and although women were through with burning their bras, by the time the seventies rolled around they had little use for them anyway.

I took a look at my own wardrobe to see if I had anything that rivaled the fur-clad, side-boob slinging looks the girls rocked in the film. Here’s what I found…

Tyber faux fur cropped coat circa 1970-something. A friend of mine found this little baby in a thrift shop in the St. Kilda neighborhood of Melbourne while I was living in Australia in 2000, and shipped it to me when I returned to Canada a year later.


French Connection shift dress in navy with metallic bronze sequins circa 2006…I think. I remember wearing this frock for only a few occasions – party crashing at the Top of the Mark in San Francisco comes to mind – and maybe even another New Year’s Eve.


I have a serious obsession with clutches. It may be the only fashion obsession I have, actually, but I love how timeless and versatile they are. I found this vintage clutch at a yard sale in the west end of Vancouver held by an older, eccentric gal who had an impressive selection of retro attire up for hawk. I bet this bag bore witness to a debaucherous tale or two.


My husband and I are planning to hit two – possibly three – parties on New Year’s Eve. How will you be ringing in 2014?

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