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1. eager to know or learn something.

1. a state of happiness and satisfaction.

Where it all started
The blogosphere initially peaked my interest in 2008, when I first forayed into this glorious community under the moniker Urban Cowgirl. Now, a little older — and a little wiser — my voice and style has evolved from a sass mouth 20-something to…well, a sass mouth 30-something, but with slightly more poise and purpose.

Where we’re at today
Curious Contentment is a lifestyle and entertainment blog, focused on some of my favorite things; film, travel, music, people, life, love…and anything else that blows my skirt up. My curiosity for people and places has lead to some of the greatest moments in my life, for which I am eternally grateful.

Some of the articles you’ll see here are also published in the Huffington Post. If you’re in the mood for something a little more saucy, check out my articles for The Province and HUSH Magazine.

Heather M
Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Blogger, Head Sass Mouth

We’re always open to partnering with brands to develop cool and unique content, so drop us a line at curiouscontentment [at] gmail [dot] com


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