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This is 70

Following up from my Dad’s 60th birthday interview is another major family milestone this month. My father-in-law Bob, who is aging ever so gracefully, turns 70…


This is 60

Both sides of my family are celebrating milestone birthdays this year. My dad turned 60 (today!) and my father-in-law turns 70 this weekend. To celebrate, I thought it might be fun to interview them as a way to pay tribute…


The Art of an Open Relationship

You’ve probably heard of the term ‘open relationship’ or ‘open marriage’. A mutual agreement between partners that enables each party to pursue sexual encounters outside of their relationship. A trend that possibly emerged during the swinging 60s…


When All Your Friends Have Kids

Without sounding like your granny who relentlessly reminds you just how quickly time ticks on, I’m starting to see it for myself. It’s as though I woke up one day and most of my friends had disappeared. Evaporated. GONE, just like that, with little more than a trace of weed or stale alcohol to prove they ever existed.


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